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How to Post a Great Room Advert

We've compiled some great tips to help you create the best room advert. If you're not seeing the response you're expecting, it might be because you're not following these:

  1. Photos need to be of a good quality, preferably landscape and have good lighting – a good listing will include photos of a tidy room with all the furniture clearly visible.

  2. The More Photos the Better - Include photos of all the private and communal facilities available to the tenant. Show the bedroom from different angles so that viewers can have a clear understanding of the room size and quality.

  3. Include all relevant information about the house or flat location, for example transport links, nearby shops and if it is close to an important building e.g. a hospital or commercial district.

  4. The listing description must be written clearly, try to avoid grammatical errors and spelling mistakes as this can cause confusion for viewers.

  5. Tell people a bit about the current flatmates. Is the flat very sociable or do you prefer quiet evenings with a book? Remember, when flatsharing it's not just the price and location - it's the people you're living with!

  6. If you have specific demands of a tenant then include these in the listing, for example if you’re only looking for vegetarians, or animal friendly tenants. You’ll get less time-wasters responding to your ad.

  7. Express yourself – Let your personality blaze through!! You don’t have to be boring in your advert for a roommate. If you have a sense of humour then show it. Most people when looking for a flatshare don’t want to live with a boring automaton but an interesting and fun person :D

Remember: Don't include contact details in the advert. To protect your privacy, use the appropriate fields when you create a listing.

Written by: Afam Okoh